Establishment of Dublin Docklands Oversight and Consultative Forum

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority was dissolved on the 1st of March 2016 in accordance with the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (Dissolution) Act 2015. The Act provides for the establishment of a Docklands Oversight and Consultative Forum which will be independent in the performance of its functions. 

The role of the Forum is to consider and advise the Dublin City Council and the strategic policy committees of the Council in relation to the formulation, development, monitoring and review of the Council’s policy relating to the Dublin Docklands area.

They will advise Dublin City Council on enterprise and employment, education, housing, planning, the environm13680495_1404276866256408_3050682598062804274_nent and the interaction of communities. It will attempt to bring about positive change to the community. They may seek to create initiatives in relation to the provision of amenity, recreational, cultural heritage facilities, the protection or enhancement of the environment an programmes to promote social inclusion and community development. 

The Forum shall consist of a chairperson and 21 ordinary members. Dublin City council is now seeking expressions of interest from organisations that wish to be considered for representation on the new DDOCF. There are 5 places reserved for persons engaged in the promotion or carrying out of economic activity. The Docklands Business Forum believe that it is in the interest of the Docklands area that local business representatives fill these five positions. 

Many business representative have shown an interest in having a voice of the new DDOCF. Local entertainment venues and hospitality groups have come together to form the Docklands Hospitality and Entertainment Venue Association. This group bring in visitors to the area, provides employment and helps the local economy flourish and grow. The put a strong case forward and hope to gain a place on the new DDOCF.

With new regenerations occurring in the docklands area in the wake of the Brexit. It is important that the Docklands develop in a correct and sustainable way that supports business and generates tourism. The Docklands will be lucky to have so many passionate and driven minds working on behalf of its future.