Could you pass on my heartfelt thanks to all your team of volunteers that worked their socks off on the three projects last Friday. They’re the talk of the community. Just so much positive feedback.” Joe McCann, Chairman, Bath Avenue Residents Association

The Docklands Volunteer Day brings together local businesses and the Docklands area creating an important sense of community and team spirit.

An event with ever-increasing popularity, the 2019 adventure saw 200 volunteers take to the streets to make a positive contribution to the local area. The event helps businesses grow their Docklands network and contributes to the DBF’s standing, helping us influence future initiatives with local stake-holders on behalf of Dockland businesses.
The morning crew gather for work at the Docklands Volunteer Day

The morning crew gather for work at the Docklands Volunteer Day

Over the last few years, we have given over;

  • 7,000 volunteer hours to the local area and communities
  • 5,000 plantings as part of the All Ireland Pollination Plan
  • Reached out to local communities with our tech help and schools programme

“On behalf of the community in Eastwall and myself I would like to thank yourself and your fantastic group of volunteers for the amazing work that was done today. They were a credit to themselves and the cause. Looking forward to working with you in the not so distant future.” Derek Buckley, East Wall Community Centre