What can The Business Exchange Committee  Do For You And Your Business?

Membership of the Business Exchange Committee (BCE) is open to any member of the Docklands Business Forum. We Provide members with a wide variety of opportunities to promote their products and services to other businesses in the Dockland area and to residents and visitors. Check out the list of our activities below. 


We have a gentleman’s, and lady’s, agreement in the Docklands Business Forum. Any member procuring products and services agrees to offer fellow members an opportunity to pitch for the business before going outside the Docklands. It’s up to you to seal the deal – but membership of the Docklands Business Exchange Committee gets you that all important foot in the door.


Members of the BEC cooperate on an number of marketing initiatives designed to increase business from potential customers in the area and beyond. The cost of each marketing initiative is shared by the members who choose to get involved in any particular campaign. Each marketing drive is targeted at a specific market.


The BEC organizes the dropping of leaflets in the Docklands area to both businesses and residences. Each leaflet con-tains the logo, approximately 300 characters of text and contact information from participating organizations. This is a great way of getting your businesses name into the homes of local residences.

On-Line Market

The On-Line Market section of www.docklandsbusinessforum.ie is designed to afford members an opportunity to promote themselves to users of our site, from the docklands area and beyond. Each participating organisation is given an opportunity to place an advert in one of the seven business categories. Each advert will have your company logo, 300 characters of text and contact details.

Direct Mail

Some businesses are more interested in getting their products or services directly into the boardroom of some of the many large enterprises in the area. Direct Mail campaigns organised by the BEC are designed to achieve just that. Deci-sion makers are identified in the target organisations and a letter is sent outlining the objectives of the BEC and promot-ing member organisations interested in B to B sales.


Sometimes your next customer is closer then you think! The quarterly marketing email to members of the Docklands Business Forum offers members an opportunity to promote their products and services to the entire email list of the organisation.


Every three months a meeting is held of the entire membership of the Docklands Business Forum. This monthly meeting affords members an opportunity to meet each other and more importantly, do business. A monthly meeting is held of the Economic Exchange Committee. This meeting provides members with an opportunity, through shared experience, to further the goals of the Forum and member organisations.

We have had some great success in our first year of activity promoting the commercial interests of our members. We are working hard to improve and expand our current list of initiative and develop new ones. Why not attend our next meeting at … and see what we can offer each other?