pictureI’ve been in finance for most of my working life and was looking for something different. I was recently approached about a new role in Savvi Credit Union which intrigued me. For me, credit unions were never on my radar, despite the fact that I’ve been working in finance for so long. It was always somewhere my parents used, a place for the last generation and one that wasn’t suited to the needs of a modern generation, but how wrong I was! I have learnt so much in the last year being here and to me, Savvi Credit Union is the best kept secret. We are very much about the community and I am very excited about being more involved with the community we work in both through work and the Docklands Business forum. 

I now have over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector in Banking and Credit Insurance. I have worked in GE Money, PayPal, RSA and Euler Hermes. I have seen a lot of changes and to me the future is here. 


I am a firm believer of “Carpe Diem”. Life if short. Enjoy it while we are here