Betty is the local community representative on the Forum Steering Committee.  Betty has been involved in the local community in a voluntary capacity for the past 46 years.  She considers her involvement as a member of the team of St. Andrews Resource Centre uplifting, working to improve quality of life for local people.

Betty was instrumental in setting up St. Andrews Job Centre and trained in the Dutch Method of Job Placement.  Psychology, Counselling and Facilitation followed and brought her into a wider arena of interests.  Betty’s appointment to the Board of the Dublin Inner City Partnership was valuable in sitting on a Board with Public Agencies and Employers and making decisions in the interest of empowering people to up skill and to take necessary actions for their communities around the areas of infrastructure, education and employment.

It was a natural transition to then be appointed to the Counsel of Dublin Docklands Development Authority representing the Dublin 2 area community which she has continued to do for the past 16 years.  Betty now works as External Liaison Co-ordinator making connections with agencies operating in the area including Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dublin Port, Trinity College and the Docklands Business Forum, proactively promoting local cohesion in the interest of developing a sustainable neighbourhood where we can live, work and welcome visitors and take a pride in playing a role.