The Docklands Business Forum (DBF) – Who are we?

With more than 100 member organisations involved, representing over 35,000 employees, the DBF
is a key stakeholder in the Docklands’ area.


The DBF comprises of individuals representing the varying aspects of enterprise within the
Docklands; working closely together to ensure the area realises its full potential by becoming a world
centre for international commerce, entrepreneurial innovation and maritime tourism.

Our 6 Key Activities:

  1. Representing Docklands business on eight local and national governance committees.
  2. Promoting Docklands as a place to visit and enjoy.
  3. Celebrating and promoting the remarkable achievements of Dockland enterprise with the
    annual Docklands Business Awards.
  4. Connecting businesses with the local area through the annual Docklands Volunteer Day.
  5. Networking to create B2B relationships.
  6. Docklands Enterprise Directory is published by the DBF and is the only full listing of all
    Docklands businesses.