Is Your Business Ready to do Its Bit?

We are proud to announce the 4th Annual Docklands Volunteer Clean Up will be held on Friday 5th September. Kick off 9.30am.

This year we are planning our most ambitious project to date. We will clean up a number of areas around the Grand Canal Basin, Boland’s Mill and North Wall Quay.

The Docklands Volunteer Clean Up is always an enjoyable day that also engages local employees with the area and helps create a positive sense of community between local businesses.

Over 70 volunteers have already stepped up to the mark. If you are too busy to offer your own services, why not volunteer a colleague!  

Companies can also participate in other ways, such as making a contribution to the costs of the day, T-shirts, equipment, paint and a host of all the other expenses are incurred during this worthwhile endeavor.

Please contact Alan Robinson at 086 8126379 or Brídín Mulhall at 087 9430730.