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Business can lift people out of poverty. It invents new products to improve standards of living and inspires new services to improve efficiency. Business creates the wealth necessary for society to progress.

The Docklands Business Awards will be held in the Gibson Hotel on Thursday, 28th November. Welcome reception at 6.30pm followed by buffet and award presentations.

The Docklands Business Forum celebrates the role business plays in our community with the Dockland Business Awards. Download the awards nomination form here

Docklands Innovator of the Year

Innovation starts with a great idea and then carries the thought through to its application. This award recognises exceptional success in the area of entrepreneurial innovation for a company located in the Docklands area.

Business Forum Member Award

As a voluntary organisation, the Docklands Business Forum relays on the pro bono contribution of individuals and member organisations time and resources. This award recognises an outstanding contribution of an individual or organisation to the Docklands Business Forum and consequently the Docklands area.

Docklands Business of the Year

Business finds efficiencies, drives innovations, creates employment, increases wealth and invests for the future. The Business of the Year Award acknowledges an outstanding business success.

Docklands Corporate Social

Responsibility (CSR) Award Businesses are good citizens. Large and small they give time, resources and financial assistance to worthy causes every year. The Corporate & Social Responsibility Award salutes a business that has made an outstanding contribution in this area.

Docklands Environment Award

The habitat we work and live in is a precious resource and amenity. Whether by reducing its carbon footprint or helping cleanup the Docklands, the Environment Award recognises the most valued contribution to the Docklands environment by a business.

Docklands Food Award

Our cafes, bars, restaurant and hotels give colour to our streetscapes and taste to our lives. The Docklands Food Award recognises excellence in food preparation and presentation and the ambiance within which it is served.

Docklands Professional Services Award

Professional services provide the nucleus for commercial activity and development in the Docklands. The Professional Services Award acknowledges business achievement in the successful delivery of this important area of commercial activity.

Docklands Hospitality Award

The hospitality sector gives life and vibrancy to the Docklands. The Hospitality Award recognises their outstanding contribution.

Docklands Public Sector Award

This Award celebrates the contribution of a government agency, department, local authority, or semi state organisation to making the Docklands a great place in which to live, to do business or to visit.

Docklands Exporter of the Year Award

Ireland’s exports are an essential component of our economic recovery. The Exporter of the Year Award celebrates outstanding success in this important field.

Docklands Lifetime Achievement Award

The inaugural Docklands Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Mr Harry Crosbie at the Awards Ceremony.