A New Generation in the Dublin Docklands

The regeneration of the Dublin Docklands, which started 28 years ago, is said to have been one of the most important factors in raising the profile of Ireland internationally and in attracting the worlds leading companies to Dublin.

It has boosted technology, amenities, tourism, education, transport, business and retail activity, and employment. The Dublin Docklands now boasts a richly multicultural, and very young population. Dublin City Council has stated that the ambition is for the area to become one o f the great urban living environments of Europe.

Thanks to the incentives introduced in the Finance Act 1986 to encourage urban renewal investment by the private sector, the Docklands have been successful in attracting the world’s top financial institutions, insurance companies, impressive high tech companies such as Google and Facebook and top legal and accountancy firms from around the world.

There are over 40,000 people working in the Docklands, with over 14,000 households there. The area is highly multicultural with only 55 per cent of residents born in Ireland. The age profile of the Special Development Zone is very low, with 90 per cent of residents under the age of 44.

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