Dublin City FM

103.2 Dublin City fm aims to provide a special interest radio service which stimulates, informs and entertains listeners in the greater Dublin area. Our strong blend of talk and music based programming reflects a broad base of Dubliner’s concerns, interests and opinions. Programme themes and materials are sourced from local communities, special interest groups, local authorities and to a limited extent, national and international public service broadcasters, who reflect our core values and ethics.

103.2 Dublin City fm seeks to engage as broad an audience as possible. This includes some specific groups who are largely ignored by other commercial radio stations, for whom we can provide a meaningful and relevant service. These include Community Groups and Ethnic Groups, Schoolchildren, Historians, and Hobbyists, Niche Music Enthusiasts, Women’s Groups, Dublin Sport Enthusiasts and Senior Listeners.

103.2 Dublin City fm provides its listeners with a unique radio service that reflects the lives, aspirations of the city’s wide range of inhabitants. Our commitment to providing Open Access Radio and related training provides Dublin listeners with the unique opportunity to participate in the services and management of their own radio station.



Dublin City FM

Docklands Innovation Park E Wall Rd, East Wall, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland ‎
Tel: 01 865 8020