Docklands Volunteer Day


Its was a dirty job… but we had to do it!

The Docklands Volunteer Day gives local employees an opportunity to leave their desks, roll up their sleeves and do a good deed for the local area. The event brings together local businesses and the Docklands area and creates an important sense of community and team spirit.

The first shift ready to begin work at the start of the 2015 Docklands Volunteer Day

One of the objectives of the Docklands Business Forum is to encourage local businesses to be more involved in the area. Our initiative to achieve this goal is the Docklands Volunteer Day. Each year we select a few jobs that need to be done, roll up our sleeves and do them ourselves.

Our annual Docklands Volunteer Day gives local employees the satisfaction of a job well done and creates a positive network between local enterprises. It also gives business owners, managers and employees, through the Forum, more authority to influence future development of the Docklands with the various local stake-holders.

Dublin Thursday 4th August 2011: Volunteers from the Docklands Business Forum clean-up the canal basin at Hanover Quay. The Docklands Business Forum is a not-for-profit association of business people in the docklands area. Picture Jason Clarke Photography. No Repro Fee.

Over the last five years we have completed tasks on both sides of the River Liffey. Our volunteers have painted the McMahon Bridge, the boundary wall at Boland’s Mill, collected litter in Pearse Park, removed the flotsam out of the Grand Canal Basin and Royal Canal, painted the hording at the Anglo Bank Building and weeded the Campshire along North Wall Quay.

We have great support from local businesses, not only by volunteering, but also giving ‘in-kind’ support. For example; last year Cafe Parigi on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay kindly provided our volunteers with teas and coffees to send them on their way, the MV Cill Airne on North Wall Quay give lunch for 100 and Il Valentino on Gallery Quay hosted a post event party.

Growing in 2016

With significant volunteer commitments already made this year will be the most successful Docklands Volunteer Day to date. To be held in April, we plan to have our brightly t-shirted volunteers fan out across Docklands doing good deeds.

Varnishing the McMahon Bridge. Note the volunteers across the road left and painting below right.

Varnishing the McMahon Bridge. Note the volunteers across the road left and painting below right.

If you or your company are interested in getting involved in this year’s Docklands Volunteer Day, by volunteering, offering ‘in-kind’ support or sponsoring, please contact our CEO, Alan Robinson.