Corporate Social Responsibility


Is your company doing its bit for the docklands? 

One of the important objectives of the Docklands Business Forum is to get business owners, managers and employees more involved in this unique area. Each year we select a few jobs that need to be done and instead of giving out or blaming someone else for not doing them, we roll up our sleeves and do them ourselves.

Our annual Docklands Volunteer Clean Up gives local employees the satisfaction of a job well done and connects local enterprises with each other and the area. It also gives businesses, through the Forum, more authority to influence the future development of the Docklands with the various local stake-holders. It is a great opportunity for local businesses to make a real, tangible and positive contribution to our area.

The most recent Docklands Business Forum Volunteer Clean Up in April 2013 attracted over 80 volunteers from businesses throughout the Docklands. We painted the hoarding along North Wall Quay & Mayor Street, tidied the rubbish from Pearse Park and cleaned out the flotsam from the Grand Canal Basin.

We are very grateful to all our sponsors including Crown Paints, Accenture, O2 Telefonica, A&L Goodbody, Waterways Ireland and the MV Cill Airne.

We are also thankful to the teams from Accenture, O2 Telefonica, Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane (formerly Maldron Hotel Cardiff Lane), Jury’s Inn, the Gibson Hotel, the CCD, Meehan Associates, A&L Goodbody and a host of Docklands Business Forum volunteers who gave of their time so generously.

We have no idea what our challenge will be next year but two things are almost certain, it will be bigger and it will be dirtier!