About the Forum

Joining Up The Docks

By joining the Docklands Business Forum local businesses can build a valuable network for their
enterprise, participate in our CSR initiatives and ensure a strong voice for Docklands enterprise is
heard by local and national policy makers.

The Docklands Business Forum is a social enterprise. We work to ensure Docklands realises its full
potential by becoming a world centre for international commerce, entrepreneurial innovation and
maritime tourism.


Our 5 key areas of activity are;

  1. Representing Docklands business on eight local and national governance committees and
    our policy papers giving an effective voice to enterprise.
  2. Promoting Docklands as a place to visit and enjoy. We have created two festivals to achieve
    this objective, the Docklands Summer Festival and the Dublin Riverfest. Together they bring
    over 150,000 visitors to the area each year.
  3. Celebrating and promoting the remarkable achievements of Dockland enterprises through
    the annual Docklands Business Awards. Sold out weeks in advance each year. 
  4. Connecting businesses and employees with the local area and community through the
    annual Docklands Volunteer Day.
  5. Networking to create business to business relationships across Dockland enterprises through
    our three annual networking events.

Our Recent Network Event in Facebook

Our Recent Network Event in Facebook

The DBF also seeks to build relationships with inner-city communities to foster better understanding
creating partnerships to work towards common goals. With more than 100 member organisations,
representing over 35,000 employees, the DBF is a key stakeholder in the Docklands’ area.